Arthur was an aardvark who lived in Zimbabwe, and spent his time foraging for termite mounds and aardvark cucumbers. He is loosely based off of the popular children's book and TV show character, also a (rather very atrophied) aardvark named Arthur.

One night, Arthur accidentally drew quite a crowd, having been torn apart by a pride of hungry lionesses. However, this also attracted a pack of hyenas, some African wild dogs, a ratel, an African civet, a jackal and even a leopard, and they savagely fought each other to the death over Arthur's maimed body. The aardvark defecated in fear and had been conscious as his organs were exposed to the elements, in excruciating pain. The said civet dragged his body from the others and ate in peace, joined by some vultures, a crow, the same jackal and even a few marabou storks.