- Unless in cold climates, proboscideans usually have their trunks bitten by crocodilians when drinking water, causing them to become spooked and angry, making them defecate in shock.

-Every time a Bongo appears it's an orphan that later gets beaten to death, torn apart alive, or shot by some poacher. (I.E. OrphOrph was an orphan that got his organs torn out of him by chimps)

- 90% or so of snakes are named via Mr. *insert genus name* for males, and Ms. *insert species name* for females. (I.E. Mr. Naja, Mr. Dendroaspis, Mr. Agkistrodon)

- Ocassionally, there will be an unfortunate species, dubbed the "butt monkeys", who will often die terrible deaths. EXAMPLES: Yunnan box turtles in the Mountainous Paradise RP, Crested geckos (and relatives ) in the Early Holocene New Caledonia RP, and the Large moles in the Korean Demiltarized Zone RP.

- Majority of parrots will emit a loud SCCCCCCCCRRRRRRREAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!1!!!

Code for this is:

[u][big][i][b]SCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM[/b][/i][/big][/u] (variations are allowed)

-Kookaburras cackle out loud, even for pointless reasons.


-Koalas will fight to the death.

-Lyrebirds will always mimic noises coming out of animals or chainsaws like BRUM-BRUM-BRUM-BRUM-BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for pointless reasons or to attract a mate.

Code: [big][b][u][i]BRUM-BRUM-BRUM-BRUM-BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/i][/u][/b][/big] (variations are allowed and sometimes other sounds can be used too)

-Most of the time feral hogs or Wild Boars will be named Swine ([Insert Roman Numerals])

- 98% of the time, animals will either defecate or urinate in shock, excitement, fear, anger, etc.

- Animals are often killed off for many, many reasons in often terrible and cruel deaths.

-Previously killed characters are sometimes revived in new RP's. (Swine II in the Carolina RP)

-Siamangs let out noises such as "HOHOHOHOHOHOHEEEEUAAAAGGHHHH!!!1!!!!!" for random reasons.

-Leopard geckos have to have ridiculously almost unpronouncible names, and to "pronounce" it one must actually sing the name out loud.

-Some fat, chubby frogs may have "TORRRRRORRRRRRRRR" in the last portion of their names. Not all, but some. Cuz why not.

-Animals, specifically those living in close proximity to humans, cause insane amounts of damage to property. (Swine and Rueben accidentally blow up a gas station while Zea, Zilla, and Loboduke wrecked the PETA headquarters in Echo park.)

-Animals, especially those living near humans, will cause tons of deaths or injuries on humans or each other (Lala tore off a teenage basketball player's face)

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