Osama bin Laden is one of Arabia's powerful terrorist camels. He targets Striped Hyenas, causing the otherwise dull hyenas to defecate in shock as they are beaten to death. The last time bin Laden and his troop of terrorists were seen was during the missile crisis. At that time bin Laden's troop were locked in a battle with a rival camel herd, including Habibi Aladeen Gaddafi Saddam Desert Creature Ooakma. This, of course, caused tons of defecation and deaths, most of the camels killed were from the rival herd. However a human terrorist group appeared and got locked in a battle with the Saudi Arabian army. The frightened camels darted away and ceased to fight but then a BOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!! A flash spread across the desert and dozens of foliage were stripped out of the ground and sent flying towards Osama bin Laden's herd. The camels' flesh were simply blown away, making the creatures defecate in shock and intense pain, and what remained of Osama bin Laden's blood covered body was simply fuel for nuclear flames. The once peaceful desert was now fuel for the flames.

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