Quackers was a healthy, stupid, 3 year old Mallard Duck. He lived in the backyard of a Floridan boy, the same one who saw Leopaldo, and this Floridan boy fed him. One day Quackers was feeding when a CRASH!!!! spooked the poor waterfowl. The bird defecated in shock as the now bleeding Florida boy ran out the door. Following the obnoxious chocolate milkshake carrying boy was Zilla the feral hog. Unfortunately the glass from the broken window had made cuts on the boy and three animals chasing him didn't help. The boy's only defender was his dog but it was gored and tossed into the same pond as Quackers. Both the dog and duck defecated in shock when the canine crashed into the pond.  Meanwhile the boy's parents were busy trying to prevent Zea and Loboduke from eating more cats after the Coyotes ate three of the who knows how many cats in the house. Unfortunately the now spooked Quackers had flown into an open window and crashed into the boy's dad's face. The man probably defecated in shock as the duck scratched his face. Zea, angered by the fallen body on her tail, mauled the boy's dad. Quackers defecated in shock and flew out of the window. 

Quackers flew outside as the boy's mother fell down the stairs and went unconscious. What ever cats didn't die from being squashed by the falling humans where chased outside by Zea and Loboduke. However while they did so, the Mallard Duck defecated in shock as the leaping Florida boy slammed his arm into Quacker's body and brought it down. The boy fell down onto the concrete path and began bleeding from his head. Pieces of flesh have been repeatedly torn off by Zilla, revealing pieces of bone. Quackers stood up, barely injured from his fall, and flew away as a cat defecated in shock before getting eaten by Zilla. Below the flying duck Zilla ate some more cats and lapped up the spilled chocolate milkshake while Zea and Loboduke where finishing up the cats. Quackers didn't have such a bright time. He rested on a a rock by his old home but a can of Herbalife was tied to the duck's foot by the addicted mother of the injured or deceased boy. Unfortunately when the duck woke up he was unable to push himself over the ground and defecated in shock due to this. Quackers tried walking away, dragging the awful can around. Unfortunately a car was moving and the driver wasn't paying attention. The duck defecated in shock as the rubber wheels crushed its skull, ribs, organs, and can of the quackery known as Herbalife.