Zea, Zilla, and Loboduke were an inseparable trio from Los Angeles County. Due to this their stories are together and one cannot be without the other. While Zea and Loboduke are Coyotes, Zilla is a feral hog. The trio began by raiding dumpsters in Pasadena but they grew bold and chased a family carrying pizza from Pizza Hut. Even despite the humans in a car, and probably defecating in shock. The car moved forward but the trio kept on going. A red light came and Zilla leaped onto the car's trunk, causing the humans to truly defecate in shock. The car slowed down but then rushed, tossing Zilla into the 110 Freeway!! The trio however continued to chase the car, braving multiple cars and causing major traffic.

However the real chaos began when a black bear named RoarRoar chased the trio towards the Hollywood SIgn and corned Zilla. The feral hog charged and horrifically injured the bear before pushing RoarRoar onto a letter of the Hollywood Sign, causing the bear and the "y" letter of the Hollywood Sign to fall down the mountains. Then the trio ran deep into Griffith Park and after raiding a picnic basket were chased off by Animal Control into the miniature railroad in Griffith Park. Wrecking the lights and Christmas decorations, Zilla pulled the train over before the trio chased off "Santa Claus" from the area.

On the same night, in which it had just turned Christmas day, the trio ran into the LA Zoo where they began havoc by freeing the reindeer in the zoo. After breaking into multiple exhibits and releasing both tropical birds and Giant River Otters, the trio ran into East Hollywood and cause chaos in a local church, including severely injuring the priest.

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